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    Aggregate function issue



      I have two measure and i am trying to draw bar graph, the measure m1 calculated based on the condition


      Calculated Field  - M1

      IF (isnull([Closed Dt]) and  ([Req By Date] <TODAY() ) AND

      (ISNULL([Req By Date])==FALSE))

      then [Work Order]                         - when i tried to count here- i am getting this error Hence i created a calculated field

      ELSE "Condition not met"


      converting it to measure - COUNT(M1)


      Calculated Field  - M2


      IF (isnull([Closed Dt]) OR ([Closed Dt] > [eom])) AND

      ([Req By Date]<=[eom]) and (ISNULL([Req By Date])==FALSE)

      then [Work Order]

      ELSE "Condition not met"



      When i drag into the row, the measure gets converted to agg and i am getting the same value.

      Below is my graph, could someone please advise me