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    Polygon and bar Chart..

    Phyo Kyi

      I try to link the polygon custom maps and bar chart...

      When I click on map, it was link with bar chart...

      but when I click on bar chart, map doesn't make show...


      Here is data...

      It was from two different workbook....


      Data 2.PNG


      And put the relationship as below...

      Relationship 1.PNG

      Relationship 2.PNG

      Here is state map with polygon which get from State Table


      State Map.PNG

      And here is the bar chart, I use State Pcode and Rand Value from Sample Data

      Bar Chart with Pcode.PNG


      I make the simple dashboard as follow... just two sheet...


      Dashboard 1.PNG

      When I choose polygon from State map, bar chart is work...


      Dashboard 2.PNG

      When I choose bar chart, map doesn't move...


      Dashboard 3.PNG


      Here is the action, I link with State Pcode.... (BTW Pcode means Place Code)


      Action 1.PNG



      Action 2.PNG

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Phyo,


          As I could see on your last screenshot,

          your second Filter Action -- that one called

          Filter 5 (generated) -- sends [St Pcode] value

          from SD (SampleData) datasource to itself.


          For the action to work on a State Map view,

          the Target Data Source should be State (State Table).


          Hope this helps,