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    Changing default value of Parameter based on calculated field

    Rekha Bathla



      I have date parameter in workbook . I have created calculated field on top of Date parameter to convert this date into string.

      Further,I have created 2nd parameter of string type on top of this calculated field having only single value

      Requirement is: Whenever calculated field value changes (date parameter changes), 2nd Parameter should also needs to be get updated dynamically.


      I have attached the packaged workbook.

      Here Start Date is 1st parameter, Start Date(string) is calculated field. Start Date_STR is 2nd parameter based on calculated field.

      Is there way to make Start Date_STR (2nd parameter) dynamic based on 1st parameter(/calculated field) ?


      P.S: The main requirement of above scenario is to pass string parameter to SAP HANA input parameter (of date type) in the custom SQL. (since tableau date parameter can not be passed to HANA input parameter in custom SQL and we want to give calendar view to user to select value for date parameter). This is reason why I have created String parameter.