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    Dashboard Highlight Action Same Value Across Multiple Dimensions

    Chris Fitzgerald

      Hello! I'm trying to figure out if the following is possible and have had no luck.  I have data that is aggregated by a different dimension depending on what metric is being aggregated.  The real life application for this is that accounts can be assigned to branch A despite them being referred from branch B and ultimately disbursed from branch C.  For a high level dashboard I need to show groups of branches and several different metrics.  This has been no problem using a combination of parameters (Calc1 [Parameter] = [Branch], Calc2 [Parameter] = [Disbursed_Branch, etc.) and placing multiple sheets next to each other in a container.  The issue I'm running into is that I'd like a highlight action to work across these different dimensions (see screenshot) so that when you click a bar in the viz the corresponding bars in the other vizzes will also highlight.  I've attached a sample workbook that has a simple demonstration of how the data is set up. 





      Highlight Action Screenshot.PNG