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    Hidden Hierarchy button...killing me

    tommy durant

      I need expanable heiarcies on my tableau server dash.


      I want to have it where I have Product line as my rows and location as my columns.  it starts off as 100 rows by 10 columns.


      the product line could then be expanded to look at the individiual products.


      the issue is my end users are complaining non stop about the hidden heiarchy button.  I totally understand too. It is a pretty lame design to have a very important button like that be defaulted to hidden. Attached is what im talking about


      Any idea on how to work around this?


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          Andrew Connolly

          There is no way to force that button to display all the time. If users are constantly asking about it, add a small note somewhere on the dashboard letting them know where to hover their mouse to bring up the button.


          If you really need to make the drill down obvious, you could build two sheets, one with the drill down, one without. And then use a parameter to flip between the two--this would be overkill IMO though.