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    Splitting a Line by Data Source

    Matt Kelly



      I have a sheet that uses a "MASTER" data source of each agents' weekly hours, then looks into 3 other sheets to see hourly and overall volume of tasks on a per-agent basis.


      This is what the setup looks like:


      Displaying pasted1


      Contained in the blue line on the right is data from the three secondary sources. The formula for the blue line ("**Combined Volu...") looks like this:


      COUNT([CallData!TD (PERF_DW_TALKDESKCALLS)].[Callsid]) + SUM([ACTIVITIES!SF (PERF_DW_SalesforeActivities)].[Number of Records]) + SUM([total!chats!2015-06-01!2016-03- (PERF_DW_LIVECHAT)].[Chats])


      I want to be able to split the blue line into 3 different lines, based on which secondary source the data is coming from. So in this case, there will be lines for Total Calls, Total Activities, and Total Chats (no line for data from "CRM Hours"). Ideally this would be a calculated field or something that I can just drop on to "Color" and it will color and split the lines according to their source.


      How can I do that?