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    Interactive Calendar with Null Values

    Olivia Lackey

      Hey guys!

      I have created an interactive calendar that allows you to see different events happening on each day and filter by those events or the people completing them. Only problem is I have a few dates where there were no actions completed therefore a null value for that date. Since there is this null value, my calendar is not staying static with all days (only showing those with data). How can I have my calendar dates stay visible even when filtering on items that have null days?



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          Toni Hart

          Hi Olivia,


          I've been tackling the same thing this week. My options were  - 1 create a separate data source that contained only dates that spanned a long period of time (beginning of your events to a few years/months out) Bring that in as your primary datasource and create your calendar.

          Then bring in your secondary data source with the event data. The 2nd option was to just add that same range of "null" dates to the bottom of your event data source.


          Worked for me - warning however, if you use option #1, it makes it difficult to use filters from your secondary data source and you can't use the "relevant values" feature if that's important to you.

          I ended up using option #2 so I have a single data source.


          One note: In your quick filters, you will need to keep "Null" checked or the dates will disappear.


          Hope this helps - also, I had multiple events for a single day and used this method to bring them all in.  How to add multiple items to a 'day' in a calendar 



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