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    Value for ts.trustedTicket.signedIdentity' while configuring Sparkler.xml

    Bikash SINGH

      Hi Tableau Experts,


      i am using signedIdentity while configuring sparkler.xml file as user name on tableau server does not match with the salesforce username.


      I am confused what should be used in place of 'ts.trustedTicket.signedIdentity':'{!signedIdentity}', in the file  Accounts-verbose-use-signed-identity while updating VisualForce page to use the signed identity. i.e Task 6 on Appendix J: Custom Mapping and the "signedIdentity" Parameter.


      I believe it should be  Standard_user1 as set in following Task:



      Task 5: Create an Apex controller class

      1. In Salesforce, create a new controller class for your Controller Extension. Follow the instructions that start at What are Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions? in the Salesforce documentation.

      2. Copy the contents from the following file:


      The example code shows how to extend the Account object. It sets the username to the literal string standard_user1.

      3. Save and close the file.


      Kindly let me know.


      Best Regards,