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    Multiple Measure Names in Same Graph

    Yiriel Liss



      I have multiple dimensions in my columns, which I am fine with (# days across top, department name on the bottom.) I would like to combine two different measure names within one graph, though. I have the # Number of records, and Total $. I would like to show total $ as a column graph, and # Number of records on a secondary axis, as  circles. I know how to change the column/circular nature once the measure names are in the graph, but now they are in two separate graphs. Does anyone have suggestions?




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          Mahfooj Khan

          Dual Axis can help you to achieve this.

          Here I've used two measures Sales and Profit. Using dual axis I've merge both the graphs. Once you click on the Dual Axis all the marks will get changed to circle make it bar graph for Sales and line for Profit.

          Finally synchronize the axis. Below screenshot will be your final chart with two measures.


          I hope this may help you to get the idea. Feel free to ask if you have any query.