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    Using Calculated Average Line Across Multiple Sheets With Different Measures

    Steven Mullin

      Hey guys,


      I've just started to use Tableau and am looking for a little help.  I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do is possible.


      I have a worksheet with Control Charts displaying yield numbers for 5 separate machines (depending on which is selected).  The average (and other ref. lines) is calculated -


      WINDOW_AVG(SUM([KG Machine - Row]))


      [KG Machine - Row] is connected to a parameter.


      This works perfectly, but i want to expand this -


      I now have a new sheet which has the same parameter (same 5 machines).  This sheet will chart Overall Yield ([KG Machine - Overall]).  In order to get the Average line and all the other lines I can create new calculated fields.  I'll also have to do the same with another two yield type calculations.  I'll do that for now, but I'm hoping there's a tidier solution.


      Is it possible to use a single Average Line calculated field to calculate the averages for different measures across multiple sheets?