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    Extract fetching too many records

    Anu Rekha

      Hi All,


      When I taking an extract, It is showing importing 1 million records before create extract database, but when i do a sum(number of records) its showing 10 million.


      I am hiding all unused fields and aggregate to all visible dimensions. These too many records affecting dashboard performance.


      When I pulled the most granular dimension a code to row shelf and convert to a measure and select count its showing 1 million, but  sum(number of records) is still

      10 million.


      Please help.



      Thanks and Regards


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          Manideep Bhattacharyya

          Hello Anu - I believe you are extracting from a database (Oracle / My SQL / any other source). Please check the source SQL that you are using to fetch the record. Sometime it is recommended to extract from a view and not from table. In view you can control the SQL where clause and number of records. Need some more detail to analyse the requirement.


          NumberofRecords is always provide the correct number.