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    Rakesh Behera

      While we publish a workbook in server,, on the 1st page  we found somany options such as   Project, Name, Description, Authentication,Refresh extract, Permission.

      Whet is the use of " Authentication" option here??/

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          Mahfooj Khan

          When you publish a workbook to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, that workbook might connect to data on a server that requires anyone who wants to view it to first provide a user name and password (that is, provide credentials).

          By default, Tableau prompts people who try to view the workbook on the server for those credentials when they open the workbook.

          As the workbook publisher, however, you can allow users to bypass that step and go directly to the workbook. You do this by providing a database user name and password that is always used when a view is opened on the server. This is called embedding credentials, and you can only do it if you are the workbook publisher, and your Tableau Server administrator has turned the option on in the Server Settings page.

          Prompt user: Prompt visitors to enter their own database user name and password.

          Embedded password: Use the current user name and password to authenticate Tableau Server users when they load the view.

          I hope you get the point.