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    Connecting a dimension to a URL

    Matan Bracha

      Hi All!


      I've built a dashboard in Tableau (9.1), and in it I have a dimension of "Landing Page" with a URL (another field).

      I want that when the user uses the dashboard in the web interface and clicks on a specific landing page (Let's say - I have a bar graph that shows number of view for each LP - in this case, "pressing on a landing page" means pressing on the bar that represents that LP), that a new tab will open with that URL.


      I've tried Dashboard Actions - but it only worked in the Tableau Desktop (when I pressed on it - in the tooltip there was a hyperlink to the LP). When I tried it in the web interface, It addresses me to a partial tableau-server URL, back-slash, and the URL for the LP. Also, after pressing 2-3 bars, the view gets messed up and an error shows.


      So my question is - has anyone tried using the URL actions?

      Or maybe you have a better way to make the connection between the LP dimension and it's URL (maybe pressing directly on the LP in the dimension column)?


      Thank you!