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    Help in displaying .tde file on map

    Bharat Jayaswal

      Dear All,


      I am working on a research project which displays location of all ships travelling from one port to other


      Step 1:

      I have a mysql server which has latitude longitude details of few ships. I have made a user interface in python which presents options to choose source and destination to the user. Python program then creates a tableau data extract (tde file) with lat long and ship id.


      Step 2:

      Presently, I open the .tde file on Tableau Desktop. Drag the lat long to columns and rows and display to Tableau Map.


      However, I want the step 2 to be done through javascript. That is, javascript program should read the tde file and display in Map.


      My first question is "Is it possible to do this ?". Secondly, "Who do i do this?"