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    Missing Nav Bar

    Bill Bosworth

      Hello, i have a dashboard published to Tableau server, that will drop the navigation bar for some users, but not all.  It is inconsistent across users, but seems to occur with some that are using a Safari browser (but not all Safari users).  When i review the dashboard either through server or desktop, I'm unable to repro the issue.

      I believe I've gone through all possible settings and can't seem to find anything that would hide the navigation bar.  The user's browser is not zoomed in and not in full screen mode.  Anyone ever run into this problem before?


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          Jeff Strauss

          I haven't seen this, and it's quite difficult to diagnose from afar.  At first impression, I ask if there is some browser extension that is interfering with proper rendering.  And can you look at the browser in debug mode to see what's going on?  We don't use Safari too much, but I know with Chrome on occasion, browser extensions have gotten in the way.  And have the user try a different browser on the same machine such as Chrome to see if the behavior is the same.