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    having 2 dashboards?


      is it possible to create one dashboard with all your filters and the other showing the results? I cant seem to fit it all in one space

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          Carl Allchin

          Hi Alejandro, Shawn's advise is good (as always) but I'd like to point you to some more simple solutions if you are a new user.


          You can change the dimensions of your current dashboard to let you fit what you need to on the screen:

          Setting the Dashboard Size | Tableau Software I've often found that allowing the user to set the filters and scrolling down the screen isn't the worst user experience and allows a more simple build (especially if you have to hand the work over to a less experienced users).


          Have you looked at Dashboard actions? They can allow for filters to happen (by hovering, clicking or hidden in the tooltip) and doesn't take up any space on your dashboard. Actions


          Like most things, the best solution depends on what you are trying to do, Carl