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    Holiday impact sales report

    Nakarest Chumsuntivut

      Hi Guys


      I'm working on Holiday impact report to see did sales number is changing compare before holiday and holiday and after holiday.
      But I can do it only when holiday is not over than 1 days, when holiday come to range of time like Christmas 24-25 December 2015 it's not work because I can sent a date value only single value.
      I have been attached workbook for more understand. 


      Anyone have an idea to show holiday section more than 1 days ? and before holiday will start after min date of holiday range and after holiday start after max date of holiday range
      e.g. Christmas 24-25 December 2015(Holiday) ,Before Holiday (23,22,21,20,..), After Holiday (26,27,28,29,...)



      Thank you in advanced