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    Running Totals

    John Smith

      Hello Guys,


      Report Objective:


      In the report we have two fields, Revenue and Expenses. Revenue has fixed data for 14 weeks in the database. Expenses are calculated every month based on current data and load into database.


      Business Request:


      Business people need to visualize Revenue in the Bar char for all 14 weeks and Running totals on Expenses until Last week of the current month or Until data is available by using Line Chart


      My Work:


      I take an initiative to create a report based on business request, I got successful in creating Revenue bar chat and running_sum (expenses). But, in the running_sum (expenses) line chat is not end up with current week or end of available data. Line chat is consistently moving up to end of weeks in the chat.


      Screen shot:

      Running sum 1.PNG

      Expecting output:

      Requesting for your suggestion in finding the actual output.


      Expecting output screen shot:

      Running sum 2.PNG

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          Elder Santos

          im not able to open this twbx, cause im running 8.2 version.


          but try something like this,


          Calculated Field:


          if sum([Expenses]) <> 0 then RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Expenses]))

          else NULL



          if you force  NULL for missing values, it does not appear on line chat