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    Excel file in network folder as data source not updating

    BI BLZ

      Hi all!


      We are trying to connect a workbook to a XLSX file in a network drive, but it's not updating on Tableau Server when we change the file. Here's what has already been verified:


      - The machine where Tableau Server is installed has access to the network folder

      - Tableau Server is set to "Run As" our <admin> account, so it has access there

      - Each data source has been created with edited to the full UNC path before publishing (on this point I was intrigued why under "Data connection" for the source in the server it only shows the file name instead of the full UNC path, but Event Viewer revealed that Tableau Server pointed to the right location in the network)

      - MS driver for accessing office files has been installed in the machine where the Server runs (machines where we use Desktop all have full MS Office installations)


      After all this, extracts fail to update as well as numbers from live connections.


      What else needs to be done to successfully use a XLSX file as a dynamic data source?