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    API's question for selectMarksAsync!

    Yan Wen Jun


      This is my tableau dashboard.The field which named "SaleDate" ,store some date type like "2015-12-4","2016-1-6".

      Now I want to use a Javscript API to select something in this dashborard.

      I use the sentence:

           Sheet.selectMarksAsync({"Plate":"Plate A"},tableau.SelectionUpdateType.REPLACE);

      It can be work correctlly , so nice!

      But when I also add any date's sentence to select one month of all the data, it has problem and not work:

           Sheet.selectMarksAsync({"Plate":"Plate A","SaleDate":"2015/12"},tableau.SelectionUpdateType.REPLACE);

           Sheet.selectMarksAsync({"Plate":"Plate A","SaleDate": {min: new Date(Date.UTC(2015, 12, 1)),max: new Date(Date.UTC(2015, 12, 31))}},tableau.SelectionUpdateType.REPLACE);


      Please anybody tell me how to select one month,how to use the Javascript API. Thanks!