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    How to count total of record without being unfiltered?

    Sasongko Yudho

      hi, im still new to tabelau and i stumbled upon a problem case that i really need help to solve on my workbook. So, i have a sample of workbook and set of data that i attach below, it consist of state, district and top pc product. Then i count the total of district and pc top product in each state, and also i can have it filtered by top pc product. The problem is i want the total of district in each state stay the total of all district even after i choose one of the top pc product from filter function. Is it possible to do that?


      I try using calculated field to create a new field, but i have no idea which formula to use to achieve the goals. Below i attach the workbook and screenshot of total district in each state value before i choose one of top pc product and also the other screenshot of when i choose top pc product. Any help is appreciated.