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    Why Are Some Of My Dimensions Not Available As User Filters?

    John Adubufuor



      I've created a simple calculated field that returns Y or N for all records in my worksheet. It is available to me as a normal filter and quick filter.

      When I try to create a User Filter (Server\ Create User Filter) my calculated field is not in the list. Many others are. Any ideas why not or how I can make it appear?


      I've also created the field in my SQL Server data source to make sure the issue wasn't specific to the Tableau calculated field. Same thing. Not in User Filter list.


      For context my end goal is to create a user filter that excludes a single value... and have it 'future proof' so that when new values are created they are included.

      I need the calculated field as when I select all values in the actual field except the one I wish to exclude, when new values appear in the data, they are deselected by default.


      I'm open to other ways of achieving my goal... aka an exclude based user filter, but I'd also like to understand which fields are available as user filters and why.

      Any help from the community or Tableau would be greatly appreciated.


      I'm on desktop 9.0.2 and publishing to server 9.2.0