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    Need "official" version

    John McCormick

      How can we get Tableau to directly provide a version of VizAlert (and Tabmon)?  My company has concerns about downloading and compiling code from GitHub.  I think they would accept that it is "as is" as long as the source was official and verified.  Does anyone else have this problem?

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          Matt Coles

          Hi John. I understand the dilemma! Many companies have concerns about unsupported tools like this, and only work with software that has a team backing and supporting it, so you are not alone there. Generally I believe that if Tableau is going to support a tool, it's going to be an official part of the product suite. So you are likely looking for this to become a feature, presumably in Server and Online.


          To that point, I can say that Tableau is very much aware of the need for alerting and push report automation, and that at least some of what VizAlerts currently does is under active development. But there are no firm features or timelines to share publicly yet.


          In the meantime, however, if your company would be more comfortable with an alerting platform for Tableau that is officially supported by a company, I recommend checking out Metric Insights. They are a Tableau partner and have been working on their software for several years now.