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    Dynamic Score Calculation based on multiple Parameter

    Sat P



      We have requirement for one of the KPI/Score card dashboard. So working on this POC, need assistance in dynamic score calculation based on 5 parameters


      In the report we have 5 parameter based on which the score will be calculated, the total score should not be more than 100%


      Please find attached sample dashboard


      - There are 5 Parameters and 5 Metrics, current I have kept the parameter as Type in

      - User will change value of parameter based on his/her requirement which will be from 1 to 100, e.g. If they change value of P1 from 20 to 15.

        The value of P1 metric score should be 15 and all the other metric from P2 to P5 should get the reminder value i.e. 5  (20-15)


      Can you please suggest some solution

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Sat,


          I've found this your question (albeit lately) looking at the Devs forum space.

          I've moved it to a general Forums space, since your question is better to be addressed here.


          And here is my suggestion, though I feel it is not what you're expecting to see.

          In order to have the Sum of all your Pn Parameter Values equal to 100,

          you could have the one of your Pn as a Calculation (100 minus Sum of all others), not a Parameter.

          With that in place one could manipulate the other four Parameter Values easily and have all summed up to 100.


          Please find the attached.