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    Tableau Day was a Success!

    Colin Morrison

      Tableau Day was a Success!

      Near the end of last year, we held our first annual UCalgary Tableau Day. It was a "jam packed" day full of demos from users across the University showing off how this Visualization tool is impacting how we view our data. A number of presenters told their story on how Tableau is helping them answer some of the tough questions about their data.

      The Exhibition included stories from:

        • Dr. Frank Maurer - Visual analytics of Oil & Gas production data
        • Shelly Steenhorst-Baker - How the Development Data uses Tableau to track ROI
        • Dr. Larry Katz - "Tableau meets Clickers" Engaging Large Audiences
        • John Brosz - Tableau projects at the Library (A visualization on how many times characters in a book "kissed" other characters. Who would of thought of using Tableau like this?)

      The demos were exciting to see and hopefully a sign of things to come with the UCalgary Tableau Users Group (UCTUG).


      Survey Results

      The event gave us insight into who's using Tableau across the University. It was also informing on how many people are interested in learning more about Tableau. Whether it was acquiring more training or learning how to publish to the Tableau Server, Tableau Day was very informative for all. A survey was sent out after the event and by clicking on the link below, the results of that survey can be viewed.




      What's next?

      Based on some of the feedback from the survey results, it's apparent that having presenters present their findings a vital source of leaning more about Tableau. The hope is that with our first Tableau Users Group meeting, quickly approaching, we can discuss what we would like to do in our UCTUG meetings. Feel free to post some of the ideas you would like to see in our meetings.