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    Snapshotting Tableau server workbooks on powerpoint slides

    Aravindan Balasubramanian

      Hello Team,


      We have a requirement wherein we have to snapshot Tableau worksbooks on the server to powerpoint decks. We tried "live web" add in in office 2013, but could not get it

      to work due to office 2013 security constraints. We dont want a "insert pic and link" option, because we want to pass account name as a parameter to the workbook and have

      each account health on a separate slide. Below is the summary of my requirement

      1) End output - Powerpoint deck for Executive review of Account health

      2) All account health parameters captured in one Tableau dashboard with account name as a filter

      3) We want to snapshot the Tableau dashboard onto a powerpoint deck with one slide for each account (Account name passed as a parameter to the Tableau workbook url)



      Please let me know on any work-around. Appreciate your support. Please let me know if you need more info.


      Many Thanks