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    Calculation based on user selected multiple values in tableau Dashboard

    Asanka Perera

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement in Tableau where we need to perform a calculation based on multiple values selected by user in a Dashboard.


      Eg:- User selects Multiple values for a Code and we need to calculate number of matches against user selected values as the ‘Denominator’ and all matches against selected code(matches for other codes except user selected code) as the ‘Numerator’ and to get the calculated value to show in a report. Additionally we have few other quick filters in the dashboard as well so the calculated value will be filtered based on user selected filter values .


      I have used Tableau Parameters for ‘Code’ to calculate the measure for user selected ‘Code’. As per my research Tableau currently not supporting multiple values for parameters which limits the user to select only one value at a time in the dashboard.


      Is there a workaround for this limitation which I can use in my context?, additionally is there an option in tableau which enables user to provide number of parameters that he wishes to see on dashboard and the dashboard to show parameters dynamically based on the user selection?


      Thank You,