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    Classifying the Brands as old and new brands dynamically based on the parameter (integer) input

    Ashish Chaudhari

      Hi Experts,


      I have two years of data by brands. I need to flag the brands as old brands or New brands based on the the parameter input which will be integer in format.

      The parameter will take the input as "how much old brand do you wish to see?"


      Currently I have a parameter which has values as month. If you select Feb 2016 and the above mentioned parameter value is 14 then it will check the sales for that month. If the sales is greater than 0 then its a old brand else its a new brand.


      Please refer to the above image which is the desired output of the same. I wish to classify the data based in this conditions

      You can create the sample result on the superstore data since mine is also sales data very similar to it.


      Thanks in advance.

      -Ashish Chaudhari