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    Tableau states an error when loading Tableau workbook then works correctly once loaded

    Stephen Ryan

      When I open a workbook I get the following message: Error occurred while trying to load `the workbook <file path>. The load was not able to complete successfully.  When I click Show Details, there are no details in the box.  I click OK the file loads up correctly.  Initially, the file was a Tableau Packaged Workbook and I changed it to a Tableau Workbook.  I was using Tableau 9.2 and I upgraded to Tableau 9.3.  If I close the connection all the work I have done in the sheets is deleted.  The issue is if I sent this workbook to a stakeholder or if I presented this workbook, it is not ideal to start with an error, even though it seems to be working.  Any help would be appreciated.


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