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    Move line Graphs to start on (x,y) --> (0,0)

    Kenneth Nunez


      I have > 500 unique products that have typical Growth/Maturity/Decline sales (not cyclical) that I need to do analysis with. Each product start its sales on different dates and I need to work on some forecast models for future products and plan to use tableau (Forecast and/or polynomial trending combined based on the amount of samples I have); but I have the following issue (Check sample Vizz attached)

      Using the raw data, I need Tableau to automatically generate what is on the “Expected Graph sheet” but using the “Raw sample Data” set instead!. FYI, the “Expected Outcome” Data set was manually manipulated (Column F1 manually added) so be able the generate the “Expected Sheet” graph that have all the samples starting on (0,0). How can I generate the “Expected Graph” using the raw Sample Data?

      Thanks in advance

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          Dana Withers

          Hi Kenneth,


          The file you have attached does not contain the data. That means that when someone wants to open it, Tableau is looking for a file that does not exist on their computers. Could you please attach a packaged workbook instead so that the data is included?

          To create a packaged workbook, open your file, select save as and in the drop down for file type choose "Tableau Packaged Workbook" instead of the default Tableau Workbook.


          Thanks !