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    March 17 user group "How Tableau Changed My Life"

    Lee Feinberg

      Prudential hosted about 80 people at their incredible Tower building.  We had the meeting in the main room where the CEO also presents.  Check out pics below.


      In addition to presentations from Janna Stoul and Sheila Kelleher of Prudential, we did a fun real-time poll of St Patrick's trivia.


      We finished up with a panel ... which you can listen to here Prudential Panel March 17, 2016.mp2 - Google Drive .  Thanks to David Milrod, Pam Zirpoli, Mike Schoeffler, and Chris Kalwa for baring their 'Tableau souls'!


      IMG_5906.JPGIMG_5903.JPGIMG_5902.JPGIMG_5904.JPG IMG_5901.JPG IMG_5900.JPG  IMG_5898.JPG


      Prudential TUG 076_1.JPGPrudential TUG 078_1.JPG  Prudential TUG 082_1.JPG

      IMG_5909.JPG IMG_5911.JPGIMG_5920.JPG  IMG_5918.JPG

      Prudential TUG 094_1.JPGPrudential TUG 097_1.JPGPrudential TUG 099_1.JPG