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    Month-over-Month % Difference

    Ed Mollison-Ball

      Hi all, I'm seeking assistance please to a problem I have encountered regarding table calculations:


      I have a matrix where the years are rows and the months are columns and the cell values are populated with an amount like so:

      I can calculate the month-over-month % difference by adding a quick table calculation > percentage difference and compute using Table (Across then Down) relative to previous to produce this:


      However, my problem is when I would like to sort the years from largest to smallest, like so:

      The % difference is wrong for January... it should be blank for Jan 2015 rather than -32% and (4,890/4,963) - 1 = -1% for Jan 2016 rather than blank. I have tried every which way to recalculate this though to no avail. It's like I need a "Across then Up" calculation.


      Has anyone else encountered this problem and manage to solve it? if so, your help will be much appreciated!