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    Column Sort not enabled unless I add a "dummy" header

    Mike B

      I'm working on a dashboard where I want to enable sorting by column headers. I'm in one of those situations where I'm using logo's as the column headers, so I'm hiding the text label for the columns on my worksheet, and I've added a calculated field called "Sort Header" which just contains



      When I add that to my columns, it shows up, but I don't have the ability to sort, unless I add another calculated field above it, in this case called "HeaderGap" which is just str(" ").


      It ends up looking like this.

      *Note, Banner is set to hidden, and they contain text.


      The really odd part, is that on another worksheet, I'm doing the same thing (as far as I can tell), but the sort Icon shows up nicely to the right of the "SortHeader" character, like this:


      Anyone have any idea what's going on?