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    Control Dashboard Publishing?

    Sarah Slattery

      I'd like to gather thoughts from the Tableau community on granting users publishing rights to Tableau Server. Currently, we are letting anyone with a Tableau Desktop license publish to the server without any intervention. We don't have any mandatory training for Desktop users although we encourage users to watch the Tableau training videos. Our lack of control and mandatory training has resulted in many dashboards being published that don't follow best practices regarding dashboard performance and permissions. I'm curious how other companies are handling these types of issues.




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          Sharad Adhikari



          What I would suggest and have proved to be working is creating two separate sites. One is certified site where anything that is published goes through check process thereby ensuring the quality and reporting standards of your organisation. Another site is so called "Uncertified/Ad-hoc". This is the site where you allow your desktop users publishing rights abiding the Tableau norms.


          So what I am saying is that you have control on publishing in Certified cite but you allow freedom for desktop users to publish to adhoc site. There are certain things you should make clear to your desktop users/publishers. They should abide by Self service BI requirements and there contents shall be deleted from ad hoc site after some period of time. This is because you want to ensure that you have good Tableau performance and ad hoc site will not use the unnecessary resources.