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    Quickest Way to Powerpoint (Static Images)

    Tim Powers

      I was curious if anyone has come up with anything for this problem - I've seen a few threads, but they either putter out unresolved or don't address the core of the issue.


      My situation is that I have several charts/dashboards with various filters that ultimately produce 100-400 charts, which I have categorized into a number of storyboards, that show each permutation of a different chart type. I populate the model with new data from the same Excel user-form on a regular basis. Once I've populated the new data, I print the storyboards to PDF, then convert these PDFs to Powerpoints (significant errors occur along this transference, however I've neutralized as many as I can with formatting/sizing in Tableau). I then copy these slides into pre-made Powerpoint models, which are riddled with VBA to crop/resize/hide and reformat to enriched images; one model per storyboard, as each chart type requires different resizing/cropping. Then I roll these up into a single deliverable.


      As automated as I have made this process, it's time-consuming and exhausting. Does anyone know of an easier way to transfer from Tableau directly into Powerpoint, while at the same time getting rid of all the bothersome junk surrounding the chart (the grey storyboard scroll bar - seriously, why who wants this transferred to a static image?)?