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    How to embed different dashboards (which I have already created) as a thumbnail in a new dashboard?

    Gourab Chatterjee

      Hello Everyone,


      I have created 6-7 different dashboards to describe process functionalities. Now the requirement is to get all these 7 dashboards to show up in one single dashboard. I tried creating a dashboard with importing the webpage links and giving it a structural look, but this is not the intent of this product.


      Requirement :


      1. Single Dashboard which will be used as a Meta-Dashboard which shows all the historical dashboards in a thumbnail format which gives the capability of opening it in a new tab if clicked.


      2.Whenever mouse is being hovered over those thumbnails, dashboard creation date, dashboard view statistics comes in tooltip. Not sure if we can do this in dashboard, coz to my knowledge that is possible only in workbooks


      Can someone help me here as to how i should approach to create this dashboard? Anyone worked on similar stuff in past, please share your expertise.