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    Exclude values by default, then use quick filter to re-add?

    Akash Bhanot

      Hi there,


      I'm trying to build a type of selection tool that updates values/vizzes based on selected stores.


      At the moment I have a list of current stores and a list of future stores in the same dataset. I am working with store "Sales" and I have built a dashboard which allows me to click on a current store and using an Action filter to exclude these stores from the overall "Sales" figure and it displays a shortfall of say "-50,000"


      On the same dashboard, I have a list of future stores that can be acquired along with a series of "Sales" that each store could achieve. I am looking for a way to click on these future stores and allow them to fill in the sales shortfall.


      My approach, at the moment, is to append on these future stores at the bottom of my dataset then include their sales figures in a new column called "FutureSales" which has a 0 for any current stores.


      Now, when I click on a Future Store, there is another exclude Action filter which shows the difference - using this calc: [Fixed Future Sales LOD] - [Future Sales] . This kinda works but I am looking for an easier way to exclude these FutureSales values by default then having a quick filter which allows me to add them in manually?


      EDIT: I have attached a packaged workbook showing what I mean