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    Modified Sankey allignment with bar charts

    Eric Summers

      Hi Data Vizzers,


      I have been trying to recreate a modified Sankey based on Adam's work with the American Whiskey Viz and Beatles Analysis Viz that are found here:





      I am trying to create the same effect on my own data set. I am not sure how Adam was able to line up the sankey portion with the bar chart perfectly. I have tried many different ID2 field configurations and varying metric fields in the `Curve` calculated field options with no success. I haven't been able to get them to line up exactly. I would also like my bases to start in different locations along the sankey and not all originating from the left.


      I realize that the examples are working with much smaller data sets but believe that this should still be possible with my data. I have tried `Business ID` in my curve formula and wondering if I need to have a more generic metric in my model. Andy uses `Song ID` which is a number between 1 and 45. My IDs range from 3-3000. You can see in the workbook attached how I am setting up these fields to get the curve of the Sankey. Is it possible to get them to line up with the barchart at the top of Dashboard 2?


      Thanks for any ideas you have!