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    Conditional Formatting

    André Coelho

      Hello everyone!


      I'm trying to color different bullets charts in the same workbook using this calculated field ([Color]):


      IF ([Valor]) <= ([Valor (Plan4)])

          THEN "Na Meta"

      ELSEIF [Valor] <= (1.1*[Valor (Plan4)])

          THEN "Até 10% da Meta"

      ELSEIF [Valor] > (1.1*[Valor (Plan4)])

          THEN "Mais que 10% da Meta"



      Where [Valor] is the current value of a dimension and [Valor (Plan4)] is the reference line in the bullet chart.


      The workbook has SUM(Valor) in columns, [Name] in rows, SUM(Valor(Plan4)) in marks and [Color] in the color marks.

      The problem here is that tableau is coloring bars with all colors intead of just one.

      The database is similar to:             City         /                    Name              /     YearMonth  /      Valor      /    Reference Line(Valor(Plan4))

                                                   Florianópolis            Folha de Pagamento             Jan/15          1000,00          500,00

                                                   Florianópolis            Folha de Pagamento             Fev/15          400,00            500,00

                                                             ...                    ...                    ...                    ...


      The question is: How to color the bullet charts just one time?


      Best Regards



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          Derrick Austin

          Hey Andre,


          It seems as though you should aggregate your Valor columns:


          IF SUM([Valor]) <= ATTR([Valor (Plan4)])

              THEN "Na Meta"

          ELSEIF SUM([Valor]) <= ATTR(1.1*[Valor (Plan4)])

              THEN "Até 10% da Meta"

          ELSEIF SUM([Valor]) > ATTR(1.1*[Valor (Plan4)])

              THEN "Mais que 10% da Meta"