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    Tableau Packaged Workbook(TWBX) Data

    Vijaya VIjaya

      I am creating a Tableau Viz using Excel data source using a live connection and created a TWBX file. When my excel data source updated, the updated data is not displaying in the TWBX and when I checked at the data source properties it pointed to a temporary folder not to the actual/updated excel data source.


      When I save the workbook as 'TWB' I can see the updated data on the vizz. I also know 'TWBX' contains the datasource and when you open the TWBX file it's creates a temp folder with data source.


      What I need is there any way I can get the updated Excel data source data feed into the 'TWBX' file with out the data source publishing onto the tableau online Server??


      Is there any way we can automatically open the 'TWB' file and export/save the files as 'TWBX' like PYTHON script,etc...


      Any light on this will be very much appreciated...Tableau experts please respond...

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          Sharad Adhikari



          It is Tableau feature that you have already understood. Twbx file do not update with the updated data as it created its own data in Temp folder.


          The tbwx file is like zip file. You can use programs like Python to unzip the tbwx file, open the tbw file and edit/replace the data connection. Perhaps you need a csv or excel file where you have information relating to your data file (so that python knows what data to replace).