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    Auto-refresh Tableau Online published workbooks from local on-premises DB/files on Mac

    Aaron Leon

      Hey guys,



      I wonder anyone has succeeded in refreshing published workbook from local on-premises database/files on Mac?   I am using Tableau Online and I made Tabcmd working on Mac. But seems I need Tableau Data Extract Command-line Utility to do the job.


      I have already created extracts and published datasources and workbooks to Tableau Online. The database in our company updates everyday, so what I am trying to do is to 'refresh' the published workbooks with the changes in our database. I can do this manually by right click the data source and then 'refresh from source', but I want to do this programmatically on Mac. Tableau's official solution is using Tableau Data Extract Command-line Utility to 'Refresh an extract' of the on premise data source. Because published workbook will be based on the published data extract, this will automatically refresh the data in the published workbook.


      However, Tableau Data Extract Command-line Utility or Tableau Sync Client are only available on Windows. I am trying to achieve the 'auto-refresh' goal on Mac by other methods. I do not want to use VMs or Windows machines. I also tried Wine/Crossover to run Tableau.exe on Mac, which did not work.


      Any better suggestions?  Please kindly help. Thanks!