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    Creating a SUBJECT vs BENCHMARK Search and Dashboard

    Canon Pattillo

      BLUF: Attempting to make a benchmark comparison dashboard. I would like a user to be able to search for a subject, search for a benchmark and compare across three objects.


      I have successfully allowed the user to do so but it is extremely limited. I will concentrate on 1 object, the scatterplot. I took one source, called Provider Details, and created a SUBJECT search. I duplicated the

      source and created a BENCHMARK source. In both sources, the measure used to populate the scatterplot is called PERCENT OF PRACTICE. BENCHMARK on the x-axis and SUBJECT on the y-axis. 


      When creating the chart, I used the PERCENT OF PRACTICE from each source for the axis. As you can see below, the filters from the search are used on this object. 


      NOTE: I tried to use actions to filter but I could not work around applying more than one filter action on a worksheet.


      Using fields from two sources is creating different problems for me however. For the below, I have found solutions in the community that work for scatterplots populated by one source, but in this case, I have 2. 

      1. I cannot draw an x=y reference line at 45 deg.
      2. I cannot sync the axis without using fixed. I need to sync them to apply the ref line visually.


      My questions are:

      1. Have you ever seen anything like this? A SUBJECT vs BENCHMARK search and filter?
      2. If so, can it be done with one source?

        If it requires multiple sources, how can I accomplish my scatterplot issues?