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    I am not able to create the similar Quilkview formula(Defects per host =count({$ <Status={"Defect"}>} UNIQUE_KEY)/Count (DISTINCT IP)  in Tableau b

    Eshwar Polawar

      Dear Team,

      Please help me out how to create the Qlikview formula  in Tableau:

      Defects per host =count({$ <Status={"Defect"}>} UNIQUE_KEY)/Count (DISTINCT IP)

      Here Status,Unique_key and IP are string dimensions.

      I want to calculate the defects per host based on the condition If  Status='Defect' then defectperhost would be Count(Unique_key)/CountD(IP).

      I am getting the error like "“Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate arguments with this function”" and also used ATTR function also.


      If apply the status dimension as filter, i am getting the exact defect count but it is impacting on other calculation like vulnerabilities perhost.

      Thanks and Regards