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    Call for Content: TC16

    Ben Lower

      tl;dr -> You can submit a session proposal for Tableau Conference 16 and you should plan to join us there


      Tableau Conference 2016 will be in Austin, TX November 7-11. We are planning for a great developer track this year with excellent sessions focused on all of Tableau's developer platform options (JS API, REST API, SDK, WDC). If you have an idea for a great developer-focused session (or any other topic related to Tableau), you can submit your proposal. More information here.


      If you aren't interested in speaking at TC16 but still have ideas for sessions or any other activities (workshops, tutorials, meet-ups, hackathons, etc.) for the Tableau developer community, you can share them here on this thread or send them directly to me (email address is in my profile) for consideration.


      TC16 is going to be an awesome event. It will also be the biggest and best event we've ever done for the Tableau developer community. It's going to be a great time to learn about the developer platform and what's coming in the future, meet the engineers at Tableau who are building the APIs, give us feedback and tell us what you would like to see us do next.