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    Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Server

    Christopher McKinnish

      How can I, or can I,  allow a user to publish a workbook to folder, and then not allow that publisher access to view the same folder the workbook was published in.


      Sounds whacked right.   Here is the scenario:  Developer works in finance and publishes a one off workbook to a VP's folder.  Yet, that VP also has other developers publishing to the same folder.  What was published by developer 1 cannot be seen by developer 2.  Both need access to publish to the same folder.  Both can use their individual workbooks for collaboration if needed, however, the VP cannot allow access to the folder for both developers.


      Any suggestions?



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          Hello Christopher,


          I concluded the conditions and requirements as follows from your description.

          Please point out if my understanding is not correct.


          1. The VP only has one project ("folder" in your description) on Tableau server. Let's call it "project1".
          2. Both dev1 ("developer works in finance" in your description) and dev2 ("other developer" in your description)
            can publish their individual workbooks to project1.
          3. dev1 can only view the workbooks he/she published on Tableau server/project1.
          4. dev2 can not view the workbooks published by dev1 on Tableau server/project1.


          My setting example is like thus,


          1. Create user "dev1" and "dev2" as publisher on Tableau server.
          2. Create a project "project1" on Tableau server.
          3. Modify the "permissions" for project 1, remove any default settings if necessary.
            Add dev1, project: Publisher, Workbooks: Denied, Data sources: Denied.
            And the same for dev2

          An attention should be paid to is that,

          dev1/dev2 should not modify the default "view permissions" when he/she is publishing his/her workbook.


          The attached screenshot is the setting when dev1 is publishing workbook.

          By default (as has been set in step 3), permission for "View" should be "Deny".

          If dev1 changes it to "Allow" like the screenshot, then what dev1 publishes to project1 will be visible to dev2



          Hope my example is clear.