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    Email Tableau reports


      Hi All,


      I have a dashboard with two dates as quick filter.


      1. current date data
      2. yesterday dates data

      Now when I subscribe this report as an email , the user wants to see only current data .


      Also the filters are not visible when the reports are sent in the mails.


      So the requirement is, the user when they get the mail, they see only current data and not two days


      and also the quick filters are not visible in the mail.


      Please help ASAP.


      Thanks and Regards.

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          Mark Fraser

          Hi Jasmine


          No one has replied... I'll try and help

          I assume you have Tableau Sever?


          You can certainly add filters to a tabcmd, to return a specific part of the data, but it does depend how the worksheet (which feeds the dashboard) is set up.

          I can imagine, you may have to create a separate copy of the report, purely for export, but it may also make your life easier!


          You can find a little about passing filters via tabcmd here



          But before all that, i want to check if

          a) its still outstanding

          b) you have tableau server

          c) assuming yes so far, that you can login etc via tabcmd?


          Once you're at that point, then it becomes about the filters/ parameters.

          if you're not at that point, we need to get you there first!


          Let me know