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    Using actual data values to pop out different containers in a dashboard

    Joe Oppelt

      In most of the swapping/popping examples and discussions, we use a parameter value to control what the filter in the "pop-out" sheet does.


      Examples of such discussions:


      Creating a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard | Tableau Software


      We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Filter Popping on a dashboard.


      Popping Parameters - The Information Lab


      In reality, the point of the filters in the pop-out sheet (or "lifter sheet") is to create a conditions that results in either "some data" (thus, the sheet displays and "lifts" the actual objects to be viewed into view), or NO data, which causes the lifter sheet to collapse, and that "sucks" the important stuff back out of view.


      What I have attached here is a workbook that forces the lifter sheet to have data (or not) based on data, not on a parameter value.  This results in a one-click experience for the user instead of having to click in a parameter and select a new value.


      On Dashboard2 in the attached I have added bogus calcs with values of 1, 2, 3 respectively into the superstore data source.  Then I built lifter sheets from a simple excel spreadsheet which has values of 1, 2, 3, ...  I then added a filter to that sheet to ensure that only one lifter sheet could have a value of 1 from that data source, and another sheet could only have a value of 2, and the third could only have a value of 3.  (And if you want 100 different pop-outs, just set up the data and sheets accordingly.)  Now, clicking on sheet1 on the dashboard pops out container 1.  In this example I just have a text box getting popped out, but any mix of containers within containers and sheets and legends, etc., could be shoved in the larger container that gets popped out.


      On Dashboard2 I have positioned these pop-out containers in the negative y-space so that when the lifter sheet gets activated the stuff to be viewed gets popped into the field of the dashboard.


      On Dashboard5 I have essentially done the same thing except I have placed an opaque white container behind the three sheets, and I placed the pop-out containers behind that opaque white container.


      On Dashboard 4 I changed the method and used a second excel data source with a dimension that has values of 1, 2, 3.  On that sheet, instead of passing the calc with a value of 1, 2, or 3, I just pass the dimension value to the filter action.  In the first two examples, any cell on the sheet passes the same value in the action.  In this third example, it's the value of the cell that gets passed.


      (Interestingly, in the 3rd example, if you click on "1" and drag down to "3" so that all marks are selected, all 3 pop-outs activate.)


      In some cases it will take some creative setup to make this happen.  I shoved in calcs with constant values into superstore and then used those. It was just a Quick and Dirty way to build it.  I probably could have whipped up a way to do it with the actual superstore data, much like I did with the 1-2-3 data sources.  But this will allow someone in your actual workbook to click on "California" or "Maine" and get a pop-out specific to California or Maine, or a whole pop-out of income sheets when someone clicks on an Income mark, and a different pop-out of expense vizzes if the user clicks on an expense mark.


      The attached is a 9.0 workbook.