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    Not able to categorize data in 2 different groups

    Shivang Desai

      Hi Everyone,


      I am a bit confused in categorizing data in 2 different groups such that every mark used will have its own group.




      My worksheet has 2 marks , one mark is used for Verified users and another for Non verified users.


      Attached are the screenshots:



      MARK 1

      Screenshot (40).png


      MARK 2

      Screenshot (41).png


      So here I have used Tableau concept of marks. What I am trying to do here is in the first pie chart just keep "Verified" users who are live, lapsed, dormant; in the second keep the Non verified members who are Live, Lapsed and Dormant. 


      But I am not able to do this. In screenshot 1 , I tried to use Verified Members for MARK 1 and it uses Live Registered Member. In screenshot 2, I used Non Verified members for MARK2  and it uses Non verified members.


      The calculated field for both is as follows:


      Live Registered Member


      IF [Verification Status] = "Verified"
      Then [Lapsed Grouping]




      Live Registered Member Non verified

      IF [Verification Status] = "Non verified"
      Then [Lapsed Grouping]


      As I have used each of them in separate marks, it should give me in 2 pie charts, but its mixing verified and un verified members as you can see in the above screenshot.


      The Lapsed Grouping is a calculated field which tells us whether a member is live, dormant or lapsed and the calculated field formula is :


      IIF(isnull([MonthDiff]),"Members who have not transacted",iif([MonthDiff]<=3,"Live Members (3 months or less)",IIF([MonthDiff]<=6,"Lapsed Members (Between 3 to 6 months)","Dormant Members (6 months +)")))



      How can I achieve separate categories. Please help me.


      Kind Regards,