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    Merging Dates in Calculated Field

    Sunil Rai

      Dear all,


      Is there a way to combined dates in a calculated field easily. Right now my date is string (20160121) and what I need to do is to pull out sales data for specific weeks.


      So I will use the formula


      if date='20160116' OR '20160122' OR etc etc THEN Sales Qty END


      But I was wondering if it can be made easier if I change my string date to actual date using dateparse and then somehow put in the calculated field something like this (don't know if it is possible though).


      If date='20160110' to '20160118' then sales qty end.


      So instead of typing individual dates using the OR function, I can use a 'to' type function, if available, to combine time periods.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.