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    Blending problem

    Derek Dickinson

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      Thanks for your response!


      As suggested, I did some research and performed "data scaffolding" to my data set, which worked perfectly. The issue I'm running into now is that I'm unable to blend two or more fields - based on values from a reference list - and achieve the same result. Here's my dilemma - if I assign the master data set as the primary data source and the two reference lists as secondary data sources, Tableau excludes values from the both reference lists that aren't present in the master data set. On the other hand, if I make one reference list a primary data source and the other a secondary, the values populate as desired for the primary but yields an '*' for the other.


      I've done some research and understand this is the result of a "one-to-many" relationship. Essentially, I'm trying to create a chart with the one reference list populating row values, the other reference list populating column values, and the master data set populating the aggregate sum count. Is this even possible?